August 20, 2022
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No strong alliance in Bihar, Delhi and West Bengal for Congress

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This election is special for many reasons. The important of that is that not any time before the nation has witnessed an opposition union of this magnitude. The numbers indicate that the united opposition is several folds powerful than the ruling, especially in terms of the vote share.

Have the opposition succeeded in taking the maximum advantage of this unprecedented opportunity? Not many will respond in affirmation to that question. The reason is simple. Not all opposition parties consider the upcoming battle as the battle for survival. Clearly, for some, it is a battle for selfish gains such as position, money and power.

Actually, it is where the entire concept of the grand alliance fails –or clearly, where the concept becomes irrelevant.

Bihar, Delhi and West Bengal are three important states in the Indian electoral platform. These three states alone contribute not less than eighty members to the parliament. RJD, AAP, and TMC are three main political parties in Bihar, Delhi and West Bengal respectively. Due to its irresponsible attitude, the Grand Old Party has already lost the affection of at least two of these three politics parties.

The undisputable fact is that the Congress cannot win at least a dozen seats in these states without the help of these regional parties.

Actually, among the political parties in the opposition camp, the nation expects responsible behaviour only from the Congress in this juncture. If it manages to live up to that expectation, it will definitely get its benefit –if not today, tomorrow.


Vignesh. S. G

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