August 20, 2022
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No seat, mother sitting on the ground in the metro with her baby; IAS officer shared video

Images of a mother and baby traveling on the Delhi Metro are now circulating on social media. Why is it that social media is taking over the journey of this mother and baby in the Delhi Metro where many people travel with their children …!

This mother is sitting at the base of the metro with her baby in her arms as everyone travels by seat. The mother is holding her baby in her lap. Criticism is mounting on social media that people are sitting comfortably without giving a seat to the mother who climbed in with the baby.

The video was shared by IAS officer Avanish Sharan. In a tweet, Avanish Sharan said that it is not the degree but the behavior that shows the true nature. The video was viewed by over seven lakh people. There were several women sitting in the seat but no one even noticed them. Some were critical of the women seen in the video. However, some people commented on the tweet saying that this was an old video and that many people had offered the seat to the woman but she had not sat down.

Pic Courtesy: google/ images are subject to copyright


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