September 20, 2020
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New Zealand: A Truly Blessed Island Country

What is beauty? How can beauty be defined? It is hard to explain the concept of beauty. Why we see beauty only in few things that we see around us – not in all? What separates beauty from ugliness? Actually, the real beauty does not lie in things that we see around us, but is in the eyes through which we see those things. Not all may get this point right.

Nature is the mother of beauty. Those countries, which show reverence to her and do everything possible to make her happy, remain blessed with beauty forever. In this edition, such a beautiful country is introduced. It is none other than New Zealand, the last large habitable land to be inhibited by humans.

New Zealand is an Island country situated in the southwest region of the Pacific Ocean. Australia is the nearest neighbour of this Island country. The North Island, the South Island and as many as six hundred small Islands constitute this sovereign country in the southern hemisphere. What that makes the land special is its rich biodiversity and its gifted topography. Though Wellington is the capital of the country, its most populous region is Auckland. Polynesians were the first inhabitants of this land. Meanwhile, the first European which landed in this Island was Dutch.

The dominance of Dutch over the territory had remained until the land was handed to the British colonials. The British colonials overturned the overall character of this Island. When the British colonials finally left the territory in the year 1947, it was left with a new character – far different from the one it had possessed before the arrival of the colonials into this land.

Now, the Island is more of European in character than of Polynesian. Notably, the majority of the population of the country is of European descent. The country is ruled by its cabinet led by the Prime Minister. The cabinet is accountable to the parliament. Nonetheless, the head of the state is still the Queen of the United Kingdom. Unlike the UK, this country has a unicameral parliament.

The country is a highly developed nation. The service sector is the backbone of the New Zealand economy. The industrial sector and agriculture sector also play an important role in the strength of the economy.

The country is closely connected to the world. Since 1980s, it has been delightfully following the concept of liberalism. It has almost completely detached itself from its protectionist past. The country, which has benefitted hugely from the new age concept of multilateralism, is now a member of several multilateral organisations. Apart from the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations, it is a member of the ANZUS, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the ASEAN Plus Six. It is also a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Pacific Community and the Pacific Islands Forum.

The prime official language of the country is English. Maori and New Zealand Sign Language are also widely used in the country and are also official languages. New Zealand is a less populated country. Many of its Islands are still uninhibited. Its population is just 5 million.

The country excels in its standard of living index. Its health and education standard is far better than many of its counterparts in the rest of the world – particularly those situated in the continent of Europe.

This Island country is one of the first countries which have recovered from the clutches of the disastrous Covid-19 outbreak – which has brought the world to an unpleasant state. Like most advanced countries in the world, the tourism sector of the country is one of the main contributors to the economy.

The quick recovery of the country from the clutches of the virus implies that the country may go back to normal in near future itself. The achieved recovery is a great relief to the tourism sector – which has come almost to standstill due to the present virus crisis. The potential of the New Zealand tourism sector is enormous. It can emerge as the most prominent tourist destinations in the post-Corona world.

Like what has been mentioned earlier, the country is known for its biodiversity and topography. It has beautiful mountains, outstanding forests, spectacular rivers, vibrant cities, amazing villages and noble-hearted people.

The Bay of Islands, Milford Sound, Auckland, Waiheke Island and Queenstown are the main tourist destinations in the country.

The Bay of Islands is situated close to Auckland. There are at least 144 Islands in the region. It is the most popular tourist attraction in the country. It is a best place to experience scuba diving. Apart from scuba diving, the bay offers opportunity for several other adventure activities such as sailing. The region is also popular for the presence of whales and dolphins.

Milford Sound is regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. The best way to explore this place is via boat. The scenic beauty of the place is unexplainably high. Sightseeing is the best activity that can be done in this place. There are several beautiful waterfalls in this region. The region is blessed with the presence of penguins and dolphins. Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory, which is the only underwater observatory in this part of the world, is the most popular tourist attraction in the region. It offers a rare opportunity to explore the beauty of underwater.

Auckland is a highly developed region. It is different from the rest of the country for several reasons. As it has been mentioned earlier, it is the most populous region in the country. It is also a business hub. It is the best place to understand how a normal New Zealand city looks like. The city reflects the image of metropolitan life. It offers all one expects from a highly developed city – from entertainment to relaxation. This city is highly connected. It is the place where one of the most popular airports in the country is located.

Waiheke Island, which is a small Island located near Auckland, is a heaven for wine lovers, as it is home to several exceptional vineyards. The Island is popular for its wine tour program. It is also the best place to experience the authentic New Zealand cuisine, which is a blend of European and Polynesian. The Island is also popular for its art, music, beaches, olive groves and forests.

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand. The name itself implies what attracts travellers to this destination. The region offers lot of adventure activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping and river rafting. It is the place where the world’s highest cliff jump is situated.

New Zealand is not less than a truly blessed country. Do visit this beautiful country at least once!

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