July 5, 2020
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Moonsoon eaters!!

Steaming cup of chai sitting on a rocking chair watching out to the mighty sky rolling the grey shades into pitter patter rain. There is a lot of delicious to crumble other than pakodas.

Kerala, monsoons favourite land own lot of yummy seasonal bites for the taste buds.


Pazham pori











Pazham Pori prepared from rope plantains has a crunchy skin. These golden fritters always a have a special place.













Banana chips the hero that travels the whole universe. It is like a curd rice for most Malayalis, the weather is not a barrier to enjoy this savoury.










Grandma’s master piece! Ela ada, a steamed delicacy encased in a piece of banana leaf.











Uzhunnu vada for those crunchy lovers. Hot and fresh made vada’s with coconut chutney makes the moment appetizing.













The traditional and popular snack. yes! Unniappam is a tastemaker and favourite for all age groups.

Now let your tastebuds roll with Kerala traditional savour, in a way it is far better than the junk foods!

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