May 28, 2022

Mexico’s Estefania Chavez Garcia wins Miss Glam World 2018

Miss Mexico wins Miss Glam World 2018

Beauty is an interesting subject. More detailed studies are required to find exactly what one tries to convey with this word. There are many concepts. Some believe beauty lies in heart. Some others argue that beauty is purely a physical thing.

The widely accepted definition is that a beautiful thing or person is the one person or thing who or which has a balanced amount of attract-worthy material and immaterial elements in high quantity and quality. The definition might sound too complicated. It is simple if you take it like this: ‘if a person is highly intelligent and has attractive physical features, he/she is said to be a beautiful person’. Simple!


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The Miss Glam World, the International beauty event organised to felicitate beautiful and talented women hailing from thirty-nine different countries, it seems, indirectly define the concept of beauty.

The first edition of the event, which took place a couple of days ago at the Adlux International Convention Centre in Kochi with the support of Indulge, was directed by Dr Ajit Ravi, the Founder and Chairman of the Pegasus Event Production company, and powered by DQ Watches, Jyothy Laboratories, ICL Fincorp and Joy Alukkas.

In the event, Estefania Chavez Garcia from Mexico won the crown, and Fahima Kulow Muhumed Abdi (Kenya) and Aileena Catherine Amon (India) were the first and second runner-ups respectively.

Miss Glam World


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Notably, renowned film actress and model Isha Talwar was the one who crowned the first Miss Glam World 2018.

In the contest, several special sub-titles, apart from the top three major titles, were given. Romona Maria (Romania), Sokaina Jbari (Morocco), Doriher Marioly Suarez Rodriguez (Venezuela), Tsonka Milcheva (Bulgaria), Inna Patricia Gita (Philippines), Ngoc Han Phan (Vietnam), Melissa Girs (Belgium), Ring Emily Joyce (Australia), Tanalaksiumy Mahenthiran Rayer ( Malaysia) and Anjali Vinodya Ramachandra Brahakmanage (Srilanka) wristed the Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Skin, Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Personality, Miss Viewers’ Choice, Miss Perfect Ten, Miss Congeniality, Miss Fitness and the Best National Costume respectively. 

It is to be noted that some participants even secured more than one title. Aileena Catherine Amon (India), apart from the second runner-up title, grabbed the Miss Talent title and Estefania Chavez Garcia (Mexico), along with the crown, wristed the Miss Catwalk title.


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Noteworthy, Yosuman Kholova (Tajikistan) gained two sub-titles: the Miss Beautiful Smile and Miss Photogenic.

The beauty event was one of the most colourful events the city ever witnessed. Primarily, there were three rounds in the event: the National Costume round, Red Cocktail round and White Gown round.

The organisers made no compromises with the quality of the event. There were many dignified figures in the event’s judging panel. Christine Huang (Chief Executive Officer of Global Charity Queen, Queen of Brilliancy International, Golden International Corp and Miss Bikini Universe), Marcel Arnolat Salazar (renowned program producer, actor and singer), Prof. Dr. Sir GD Singh (Founder & President of World Peace & Diplomacy Organisation), Ms. Marcela Sevcikova (super model and Miss Universe Czechoslovakia), Ms. Srishti Rana (Miss Asia Pacific World 2013), and Mr Edison Thomas (lifestyle journalist) were in the panel. It was the panel which selected both title winners and sub-title winners.

The felicitation of the winners was not limited to crowns and trophies. All winners were awarded huge cash prices. The title winner of the Miss Glam World was gifted a huge cash prize of 3.5 lakh rupees, while the first runner-up and second runner-up were given nearly 2.5 lakh rupees and 1.5 lakh rupees respectively. Notably, the crowns, won by the winners, were the gold-plated crowns designed and gifted by the Parakkat Jewellers.


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The music of PEGASUS, composed by DJ Harvey Steve, was another major attraction of the event. The contestants walked the ramp in the grand finale for this music.

All contestants were made to go through intense grooming session prior to the event in order to help them increase their confidence level to the maximum. In the grooming session which took place at the Marriott Hotel in Kochi, the girls were groomed by an expert panel of fashion choreographers and trainers including Alesia Raut , Anjali raut Valentina Mishra (Mrs Asia India International), Sudakshana Thambi (Yoga trainer) and Sameer Khan (Fashion choreographer). 

It is the laudable policies the organisers strictly adhere to that make the event organised by the Pegasus more attractive and appreciable. Dr Ajit Ravi always makes sure that the infamous bikini round, which encourages the wrong practice of objectification of the women’s body, is totally excluded from all beauty contests organised by his event production company.

In a sense, the event has brought an attractive feather into the organiser’s cap. It is learned that it is the first time since the Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s 1996 Miss Wold that a true International beauty contest has happened in the country.


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Medimix, Scot Wilson, Kalpana International, Parakkat Resorts and Aiswaria Advertising were the prime partners of the event, which aimed to project our country’s culture and tradition before the world.  

Ring Emily Joyce (Australia), Aliona Karzhanevich (Belarus), Melissa Girs (Belgium), Olorato Amantle Lefenya (Botswana), Tsonka Milcheva (Bulgaria), Stephanie Blanche Yimga (Cameroon), Li Miao (China), Elodie Pauline Meschi (France), Aminata Jume (Gambia), Peninnah Akosua Payki (Ghana), Liu Liran (Hong Kong), Aileena Catherine Amon (India), Jihan Nabila Putri (Indonesia), Nurajan Janpyeis (Kazakhstan), Fahima Kulow Muhumed Abdi (Kenya), Abdymomunova Altynai (Kyrgystan), Tanalaksiumy Mahenthiran Rayer ( Malaysia), Estefania Chavez Garcia (Mexico), Alexandra Predus (Moldova), Bolornaran Batbaatar (Mongolia), Sokaina Jbari (Morocco), Ja Seng Bu (Myanmar), Sujata Raut (Nepal), Joy Arhwere Ek Poke (Nigeria), Maria Angela Recalde Ramirez (Paraguay), Inna Patricia Gita (Philippines), Romona Maria (Romania), Anna Sizova (Russia), Sara Kapunac (Serbia), Naomy Kelly Dennisia King (Seychelles), Neena Macaire Bezuidenhout (South Africa), Sunggyung Kim (South Korea), Anjali Vinodya Ramachandra Brahakmanage (Srilanka), Yosuman Kholova (Tajikistan), Charinee Khudpho (Thailand), Doriher Marioly Suarez Rodriguez (Venezuela), Ngoc Han Phan (Vietnam), Cecilia Kongwa (Zambia), and Maita Kudzaishe Kainga (Zimbabwe) were the participants of the event.

It is worthy to wait for the next Miss Glam World. No beauty contests have ever defined the concept of pure beauty in the way this spectacular beauty contest has done.


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