September 23, 2023

Microsoft India’s Second Accessibility Summit 

microsoftThe two-day Accessibility Summit, organised by Microsoft India in partnership with the National Association of the Deaf and National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled people (NCPEPD). Empowering for Inclusion, saw various stakeholders united together on one platform to speak about inclusive technologies accessibility standards, highlight assistive technology solutions as well as discussions regarding policy support to make accessible India a reality.

The summit was a great moment for voices from across the disability spectrum to be heard. People with disabilities to assistive technology developers, business leaders service providers and policymakers was present.

The conference also had an interesting mix of master classes includes access to Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility, other subjects like digital accessibility, the dynamism of inclusion with accessibility under CSR.

The second edition of the Microsoft India summit brought together people from diverse backgrounds, helped bring forth inspiring stories with insightful discussions.


Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright



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