July 15, 2024
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Memorial service for Australian victims

Memorial service for Australian victims - Unique Times

Memorial service for Australian victims – Unique Times

Memorial services for the two victims of an Australian cafe siege were held on Tuesday as authorities swept away an expanse of flowers placed for the pair on a central Sydney avenue.
Lindt Chocolat Cafe manager Tori Johnson and lawyer Katrina Dawson were killed a week ago at the end of a 16-hour siege by gunman Man Haron Monis when police stormed the cafe in the city’s central business district. Monis also died.
An official investigation into the final moments of the siege and the deaths of all three is underway. The cafe in Martin Place, a pedestrian avenue, is boarded up.
Several of the other 17 hostages attended the funeral service for 34-year-old Johnson at a church just metres away from the cafe. New South Wales state Premier Mike Baird and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione also joined mourners, who included Johnson’s partner of 14 years.

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