July 18, 2024
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Meals at ten not populism, says Shiv Sena

To those who have termed the Shiva Sena’s latest election promise of ‘meals at Rs. 10’, the party’s youth icon, Aaditya Thackery, has indirectly said that the promise was not an attempt to turn the party into populist but was to take the party to its past glory.

He has termed the said promise as a vision envisaged by his grandfather Balasaheb Thackery, who is the founding leader of the regional party.

The Shiva Sena is a very powerful regional party in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which is at the doorstep of a crucial Assembly Election.

The party is now the minor member of the ruling government in the state. It has huge influence in the state, especially in the urban regions like Mumbai and Pune.

The party is expected to demonstrate an exceptional performance in the upcoming election in the state.

What it tries with the promise is to project the party as the only party which now what a normal Maharashtrian wants.

It is at present not in a good relation with its partner, BJP, which is the leading party in the collation that rules the state.

Anyway, in this election, forgetting and forgiving their differences, they are fighting together like inseparable brothers.

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