June 8, 2023
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Mahesh Babu releases the title announcement teaser for Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming film, Maaveeran

The title announcement teaser for Maaveeran, starring Sivakarthikeyan, was released by Telugu actor Mahesh Babu on Friday via his social media accounts. The movie is called Mahaveerudu in Telugu. “Happy to reveal the title of @Siva Kartikeyan’s #Maaveeran,” Mahesh posted the announcement teaser on Twitter. “Best wishes to the entire team!”

Thanking Mahesh, the Don star wrote, “This is a great start for the film and to the team.. Thank you so much for your kind gesture @urstrulyMahesh sir.. Indeed a very special moment for me sir.”

The protagonist is first seen in the announcement teaser being battered by thugs. He is forced to combat the bad guys by a hand from the shadow as the teaser progresses. The protagonist eventually lets go of the shadow and engages in solo combat.

Madonne Ashwin, known for her work on the Mandela biopic, is helming the picture. Shanthi Talkies’ Arun Viswa will provide funding for the endeavour. For the soundtrack and cinematography, respectively, Bharath Sankar and Vidhu Ayyanna are on board.

Additionally, Prince and Ayalaan are in Sivakarthikeyan’s collection.

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