March 1, 2024
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Maglev train sets new world speed record

Maglev train sets new world speed record - Unique Times

Maglev train sets new world speed record – Unique Times

Japan’s Maglev train has exceeded its new world speed record of about 603 kmph. It is said to be the worlds fastest train had reached 603 km per hour in a test run breaking its previous record of 581 km per hour in 2003. The maglev train is just about 10 centimeters above the tracks and is driven by electrically charged magnets. The maglev trains begun as a project in 1962 and had undergone decades of testing.  The train is expected to run at a top speed of 500 connecting Tokyo and the central city of Nagoya in only 40 minutes. Maglev trains are expected to link Tokyo and Osaka within one hour and seven minutes by 2045, however the costs will be very huge. Japan is looking forward of selling its shinkansen bullet and maglev train to the overseas with the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe being its traveling salesman. Mr. Abe will be visiting the US where he will be explaining to them the technology of their high speed rail link which they are planning to extend from New York and Washington. The proposed link will be the first phase in the US government’s plan connecting the capital with Boston.

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