September 23, 2021

Lithuania: a Baltic country of lakes, castles, and forest


A short train journey to the ‘Trakai Historical National Park’ is the most popular day trip from the capital. On the way, you can explore the beauty of several interconnected lakes. The most exciting part of the journey is crossing a footbridge to reach the ‘Gothic Island Castle’. The ‘Trakai History Museum’ is the ideal place to learn Lithuanian history. If you choose to explore a river using a pedal boat, that must be very interesting.

Paneriai, situated around ten Kilometer southwest of the Lithuanian capital, was once the Jewish land. During the Second World War, the Nazi soldiers had brutally killed tens of thousands of Jewish people. Panerai forest still speaks painful stories of helpless Jews through several memorial monuments. You can visit some of these historical monuments. It is easily reachable from the capital city.



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