August 9, 2020

Life is beautiful if you simplify it

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In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, norpoverty poverty, nor weakness weakness.Henry David Thoreau.




The tendency of life in our society,  ‘business life’ in particular
has become   more complicated: Internet, television, shopping, work,
family commitments, possessions, eating, debt … these things pile on
top of each other endlessly.

This is a rather bad formula, as our days have a limited capacity, and
so do we as humans. We can only do so much, only handle so many tasks
and possessions and social commitments, and filling ourselves to those
limits means we stress our breaking points.

It takes a bit of conscious effort to simplify, but it’s one of the
greatest things that anyone should master to enjoy ‘life’.

Simplify everything. That might sound hard, but with practice it’s
actually fairly easy, and leads to a quiet, content, lovely life full
of space for so many things you can do and live to the hilt.

So how do you simplify your life?

Here are a few ways:

1.Get rid off dis connected time.
The Internet and cell phones are  amazing, but always being connected
means you’re always pulled in a thousand directions at once. It’s hard
to focus, hard to connect with others, hard to get out into nature and
be active. So schedule some time every day for disconnection: maybe a
block in the morning where you get your best work done, and a block in
the afternoon when you get out and active, or connect with friends or

2.Be free from unnecessary  commitments.
List your commitments, and pick one to eliminate today. It’s a simple
matter of making a call or sending an email explaining that you can’t
do the commitment. Trust me, they’ll find a way to live without you.
You’ll start to free up time for what’s more important to you.

3.Start to share possessions.
Every day, find 5 things to donate or give to friends. Or clear an
entire shelf or countertop, leaving only the things you actually use,
getting rid of the rest. Slowly your possessions will be simplified to
just the essentials.

4.Ban unnecessary shopping.
. You can do this. Don’t buy anything except the essential. If you
think you really need it, put it on a list to be evaluated after a few

5.Pause before moving to the next.
.. When you’re done with anything, get in the habit of pausing before
moving onto the next thing, For example,
. . Put your clothes where they belong. Put your keys in one spot.
Clean the sink before you leave it. This simple habit will keep you
organized and systematic.

6.Effective time management.
What’s most important to you? Your spouse or kids?  Reading novels?
Cooking, gardening, crafts, carpentry?
Make the time for it
7.Get outdoors once a day. Too often we are stuck at a desk or on the
couch. Get outside, take a walk, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine..
Play some sports.. These simple activities will change your life.

8.Include leafy vegetables  in your diet.
These simple plants will make you strong and beautiful.

9.Drink plenty of water.
This keeps you fresh , healthy and calm. One must take minimum 8
glasses of water daily.

. Be pleasant.  It is true to enjoy life, one has to be approachable
and amiable .

Life is said to be journey. It has to be fun filled to be fulfilled.
So, make it simple to experience a wonderful journey.

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