July 15, 2020
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Leaked audio clip creates controversy in Hong Kong

A leaked audio clip, in which Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam is heard saying she will resign if she can, has triggered a serious controversy in the city, with the ruling denouncing the possible resignation without questioning the authenticity of the clip and the opposition calling the clip as an attempt to regain the sympathy of the voters of the Chinese city.

The opposition believes that the audio clip has been purposefully leaked by the ruling to regain its lost support among the people of the city.

Since the introduction of a controversial bill seeking to enable the deportation of people from the city to the mainland, the city is in the state of disturbance.

It is the Hong Kong chief, who is the supporter of the Chinese central leadership, who introduced the bill in the legislative house.

For that reason, the protesters have mainly targeted the Hong Kong chief.

Due to severe protest, the bill was later shelved. But, the protest is still going on in the city. The protesters now want the government to investigate the atrocities committed by the police against the protesters. They also demand greater freedom.

Hong Kong is a former British colony. It was handed to China recently. The city shares a different socio-political-economic culture than that of China. It dislikes the ‘one country one government’ policy of China. The latest protest is the clear reflection of that disagreement.

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