August 3, 2021

Lakshadweep : “ Coral treasures unearthed”

In addition to the above specified products Coconut Neera, Jaggery and Coconut Tender water etc are also produced in limited quantity and the production of these items can be increased with further investment of technology and finance to these areas.

Lakshadweep has the largest territorial water, that measured to be 4 Lakh Sqr kilometer. But, it is unfortunate to state that Lakshadweep has do not possess any essential place in the international fishing Map. The reason for this fail situation is ranging from lack of infrastructure to non availability of technology but nothing can be justified when such a natural advantage is lying untapped for the good of economy of the nation.

The Tourism potential of this natural wonder has not yet fully utilized whereas the island nation of Maldives with similar geographical features fetch 70% of its GDP from the tourism industry. Maldives model controlled high value low volume tourism will change the face of Lakshadweep and such a huge income will contribute a substantial figure in national wealth of union of India. The uninhabited islands with large lagoon area are perfect for introducing lagoon cottages that has been successfully established at Maldives. In fact, such cottages have become the face of Maldives tourism.

In a nutshell, Lakshadweep is an unexplored treasure trove that could fetch unimaginable fortune to the economy of India though various fronts ranging from trading to tourism. Due to its naturally organic farming Lakshadweep is an untapped land of organic products which is waiting for the world attention. In this era of polluted food, it is a crime to hide such a place from the eyes of the world.

As envisioned by the new administrator of Lakshadweep, a Buyer Seller Meet was organized at Kochi by Lakshadweep Development Corporation which was a first of its kind event in the history of Lakshadweep. Such events are need of the hour to regain the lost glory of the trading tradition of Lakshadweep.

The land of ecstasy and serenity awaits your foot steps to be felt to take you to a level of peace and tranquility.

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