March 21, 2023
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Kuwait travel ban; More than five lakh emigrants stranded abroad

It is estimated that more than five lakh people will be stranded in Kuwait as a result of the travel ban that has been in place for more than seven months. Al-Rai reported that most of them were from Asian countries, including India, or Arab countries.

About 2.5 lakh visas have been cancelled :

About 2.5 lakh people stranded in the country due to Covid can no longer return to Kuwait. This is because the visa has expired while in the country or the visa has been cancelled due to being abroad for six months. Although during the pandemic people had the opportunity to renew their visas online, many sponsors and employers did not provide the necessary facilities. In addition, many people lost their jobs due to the financial crisis because of Covid.

2.8 lakh people expecting a return journey :  

Out of more than five lakh people stranded in the country, about 2.8 lakh have valid visas. They are hoping to return to Kuwait when the ban ends on August 1. However, only those who have been vaccinated by those vaccines approved by Kuwait can return back. Authorities are working to increase the number of passengers arriving at Kuwait International Airport from the current 5,000 to 10,000 as part of preparations to receive more foreigners.

Visit and tourist visas are not permitted :

At the same time, travel bans for holders of tourist visas, family and commercial visit visas from certain countries will remain in place, the report said. They will be allowed to travel only with the special permission of the Supreme Committee on Covid Matters. Currently, Kuwait only issues new visas to domestic workers.

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