July 6, 2020

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences

DSC01525The Department of Paediatric Cardiac Services and Department of
Paediatrics at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) will be
organizing a National Conference on 5th and 6th July 2013 at KIMS Hospital, on
the management of heart defects in children. As many of the heart defects in
children are complex, we need expert management for successful outcomes. Late
detection of these heart defects adds to the problems in our country. Correction and
management of these defects in small hearts, is challenging. Not only the surgical
procedure, but the intensive care after the operation, is extremely important in
identifying the problems and correcting them at the right time.

This Conference has been planned to share experience among Cardiac
Surgeons, Cardiologists and Intensive Care Doctors and Paediatricians.
Dr Mohan Reddy and his team from Stanford University Hospital, California,
Dr Ravi Thiagarajan from Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA, and
Dr Suneel Poobbani from University Hospitals of Leicester, UK, presently at
KIMS Hyderabad are participating in the Conference as International faculty
besides National Faculty. Doctors from all over the country and neighboring
countries like Muscat and Sri Lanka are coming together on one platform to discuss
the problems and find solutions. Most of the complicated children’s heart
operations will also be performed during this week to help these critically ill
children to save their lives. Complicated surgical procedures and latest life saving
measures like ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) will be discussed
at the conference.

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