April 13, 2024
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Kishor tests the strength of his own position in JD(U) with provocative remarks

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Prashant Kishor, the popular political consultant who helped many to enter the corridor of power with easiness, is regarding as the second pillar of the JD(U), after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who is also the president of the party.

Mr Kumar is the one who took initiative to make sure that the political consultant gets a comfortable position in the party.

Now, Mr Kishor is a prominent leader of the party which rules the state of Bihar with the support of the BJP.

There is nothing luckier for a political party than having a brilliant political strategist in its leadership table. In that sense, the JD(U), which owns the most efficient political strategist the country has ever seen, is the most luckiest party in the country.

In contrary, the new developments indicate that the things are not so cool in the JD(U). Lately, Mr Kishor has opined, while speaking to a media person, that the JD(U) leadership should have paved way for an election when the party switched its loyalty from the Grand Alliance, which helped them to remain in the corridor of power, to the BJP, which tried to block their entry towards that corridor.

Several JD(U) leaders have criticised Mr Kishor for his remark clearly targeted against the JD(U) supremo, who gave him a position in the party.

Most political observers see this as an attempt made by the former political strategist to test how powerful his position in the party is and how many in his party are unhappy with the present leadership.

As per the political observers’ opinion, the attempt will either enable him to strengthen his position in the party or discourage him to stay in the party for long.


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