September 28, 2023
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Kerala Killer’s Facebook Posts Just Days After Women’s Torture, Murder

Bhagaval Singh, one of the three people in Kerala charged of torturing, killing, and maybe eating two women as “human sacrifice,” frequently wrote poems on Facebook and identified himself as “self-employed in alternative medicine.” The 60-year-old social worker Bhagaval Singh was well-known in the community for his professionalism.

The traditional healer and poet, who was regarded by friends and neighbours as “mild-mannered,” was involved in the gruesome killings that shocked the country. The Pathanamthitta community of Elanthoor is in shock and keeps repeating their interactions with the family.

Muhammad Shafi is the major suspect; he is referred to as a “sexual deviant” and a sadist who combed the internet for victims and persuaded Bhagaval Singh and Laila to carry out the “human sacrifice” in order to solve their money problems.

As the authorities looked into what might have been the worst murders in recent memory, a sizable throng gathered outside the home of Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila.

“The couple was well-educated and well-off in our neighbourhood. No one was aware of this mentality. They didn’t seem like the kind to descend to such lows, “Usha, a neighbour, remarked.

He came from a well-known line of healers. Although Bhagaval Singh was connected to the CPM, the group insisted he was not a member. Locals claimed he was involved in local party work.

His Facebook page was replete with “Haiku,” a type of Japanese poetry in which three lines of five, seven, and five syllables each contain 17 words.

Singh last updated his profile on October 6, more than a week after the alleged murder of Padma, the lady shown on surveillance tape entering their home.

He published two Malayalam cryptic poetry. “A furnace, a blacksmith’s wife at work, her body bent over,” read the last one.

Bhagaval Singh’s bio says he studied at Kerala University and St Thomas College, Kozhencherry. His own descriptor said this: “Self-employed in the field of alternative medicine and Marma system of therapy which is well spread and accepted by people. I plant and nourish various species of herbs of great medical value. Under the supervision of academic personnel we treat accident born complaints, various types of arthritis, paralysis, born setting and after cure (sic).”

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