September 28, 2023
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Karnataka crisis: political parties, it seems, mock people

Political parties are voted to power to serve people responsibly. The Karnataka crisis is the classic case of how the political parties in India usually go back from their promise of serving people responsibly.

What is happening in Karnataka is an unjustifiable political tug-of-war. It is clear that the seat of power is the prime element of dispute here. The political parties in the state are literally performing a power game to grab the seat of power.

It seems that none are bothered about the people – those who elected them to power during the latest assembly election.

In Karnataka, in one end, there is a coalition whose only aim is to keep its opponent away from the seat of power. There is ground in the allegation that the coalition is an illicit one created to circumvent the original mandate of the people who elected their opponent as the single largest party in the state. In the other end, there is a party which is ready to do anything and everything to grab the seat of power. There is ground in the allegation that the party is misusing its money and muscle power to grab the seat of power.

In the eyes of a common citizen in the state who does not know politics, both – the coalition and the party – are wrong.

Political parties are answerable to people. Today or Tomorrow, the political parties in the state will have to answer the questions from the common people regarding this tug-of-war. That day, these political parties will understand the power of the common people.

Vignesh. S. G
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