July 13, 2024
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Kangana Ranaut suggests she has superpowers after claiming she predicted former Twitter heads’ doom

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has been wishing for her suspended Twitter account to be activated ever since Elon Musk’s contentious acquisition of Twitter. After the social media platform’s leadership changed, the actor has been posting on Instagram stories about how she misses her “Twitter friends,” who have been sharing jokes about her rejoining the site.

After sending out several comments in response to the West Bengal assembly election results, Kangana was indefinitely suspended from Twitter last year. Her account was suspended “for multiple violations of Twitter Rules, specifically out Hateful Conduct Policy and Abusive Behaviour Policy,” according to a Twitter spokeswoman.

Elon Musk removed a number of top Twitter executives right away after the takeover was finished, including Parag Agrawal, who had been the company’s CEO for almost a year. Agrawal’s dismissal was celebrated by Kangana as a personal success, and she shared her prediction of it in an Instagram story. She wrote, “I always predict things that are yet to happen in distant future… Some call my foresight X-rays, some call them my curses and some call it witchcraft… For how long are we going to dismiss a woman’s genius like this…”

“It’s not easy to predict future it takes remarkable recognition and interpretation of human instincts also great observational skills… above all, it takes dissolution of one’s own likes and dislikes for crystal clear objectivity to study the subject one wants to predict about,” the actor added.

Kangana also discussed how her supporters’ demands for her reinstatement led to her being included in Twitter trends. On Twitter, Kangana has always asserted that her followers want her back. She also posted screenshots of other viral Twitter memes calling for the activation of Kangana’s and former US president Donald Trump’s Twitter accounts in order to “defend freedom of speech.”
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