December 10, 2023
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Jallikattu row: elite talks fail; youth organisations shook TN


As the high-level talk between Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to reach a feasible solution to the burning Jallikattu issue, tens of thousands of people mostly youngsters as well as students have taken the streets to demonstrate their anger. For last few days, Tamil Nadu has been witnessing serious demonstrations supporting the traditional bull taming sport. Various organisations and acclaimed personalities belonging to different strata of the society like film stars, politicians, writers, social activists, professionals, students, and scholars have come in support of the movement, which is initially triggered as a social media campaign by the youngsters. It is said that the central government cannot make a unilateral decision in favour of the Jallikattu as the issue is under the consideration of the top court of the country, the Supreme Court of India.

Anyway, at this moment, the only feasible solution before the Tamil Nadu government is ‘delivering a state ordinance in favour of the rural sport.’ As per the latest updates, the Attorney General of the state has advised the state government to release an ordinance supporting the rural sports. Meanwhile, on this fourth day of the Jallikattu strike, the state is expected to face serious transportation problem as the motor vehicle workers and bus workers have decided to join the protest. It is an unfortunate fact that several wicked factions are trying to paste an ‘anti-Hindi, anti-North and anti-Centre’ picture to the movement in order to attain certain political gains. If these illicit campaigns on the pretext of the Jallikattu movement are not identified and eliminated properly, it may deliver serious damages to the federal system of the country in coming days. Anyway, everyone, even the pet lovers, considering the importance of this rural sport, now speak in support of the movement.






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