May 26, 2024
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It’s a dream come true: Ajit Pegasus


Ajit RaviAjit Pegasus renowned media personality and brainchild of major beauty pageants like Miss South India and Miss Queen of India, is entering the silver screen with Ravu, a thriller. Ajit, who started of his media career by directing popular shows like Minnalai and other major television shows, is very optimistic about his new project.  Ajit is the managing editor of Unique Times magazine. Ajit shares his media experience and all about the new movie, in a talk with Bejoy George.

The shooting of your movie Ravu is set to start in this week?  How do you feel? Is it a dream coming true?

Yes it’s a dream coming true and I am quite excited about the project. It is bilingual movie; it will be made in both Tamil and Malayalam. The story is about four young ambitions men who leave a normal life, till one  day when it all changes. It is at thriller. The movie is fast paced, it will be an entertainer. It is a commercial film but we made sure that the movie will not test your intelligence. There will be some debut actors we are introducing to the film industry, there is a lot of talent available, and the story is by Vinu.

It’s been a long time that you have been associated with film and music industry. Why did it take a little long to venture into movie?

Yes it took a little while. But I was waiting for a good story that I can direct. I was busy with a lot of projects especially our beauty pageants which are done at a national level.  You need to dedicate a lot of time for our movie; I didn’t want to direct a movie for just the heck of it. Now everything has fallen in place. We have got a good story line and we are optimistic about it. The movie is produced by ARVA productions.

Ajir RaviWhat will be the highlight of the movie?

There are several. It is a bilingual movie, it’s a thriller. We had planned to the very small things, so as to the keep the budget. I am enacting an important role, so is Vinu. Another person who will acting in main role will be Sajimon Parayil, who is a designer, model and actor. Sajimon has already done a movie named Dolls. Model and actress Nancy Gupta will be casted in an important role. Sanam Prasad who shot to limelight with the movie Ambuli 3D will return to Mollywood with this film

Who are the other actors in the movie?

Other popular artists from Malayalam industry like Krishna Chandran and Vanitha will be paired after twenty years and many other actors. Anoop, who has done movies like Crime story, Last Bench and Puthu Mughangal will be doing another important role.


What are your expectations about the movie?

I am very optimistic about the movie. As the Malayalam cinema is going through a renaissance under the name of new generation cinema I am happy to do my part.  I am a firm believer that if somebody does his job well, the result will automatically come.

How about your major shows?

All our shows are planned well ahead, and preparations are going on. Next in turn will be  Minnalai and then Miss South India will follow suit.

What will you want to tell our readers?

Thank you for being subscribers and readers of Unique Times. Please look for the updates of the movie in the website. Thank you all



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