July 13, 2024
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IndiGo Passenger Opens Emergency Exit On Flight From Chennai

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reported through an official communication on Tuesday that a passenger on an IndiGo, Chennai-Tiruchirappalli flight opened the emergency door on December 10, last year. It added that it had taken note of the incident and had commissioned an investigation.

The DGCA had previously stated that the flight was headed for Trivandrum, but the carrier later clarified that it was headed for Tiruchirappalli. The passenger, whose identity has not yet been established, opened the emergency door on the IndiGo aircraft 6E-7339, abandoning the others on board, in the latest of a run of unruly passenger episodes that have followed two reported peeing incidents on board two international Air India (AI) flights.

However, there was no untoward incident as the flight hadn’t yet taken off.

Confirming that the flight regulator had taken note of the incident, a senior DGCA official told ANI, “The incident was duly reported. It appears that the passenger opened the RH emergency exit door by mistake while the aircraft was still on the ground. The crew moved in swiftly and all appropriate action to restore airworthiness such as reinstalling the door, pressurisation check was carried out before the flight was cleared for departure. No safety protocol was compromised with.”

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