November 30, 2023
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India – UK agree to take strong stand against terrorism





In British Prime Minister Teresa May’s first bilateral visit to New Delhi, India and United Kingdom reached consonance in several issues, including terrorism and extradition policies.As per the report, both countries have decided to take strong action against the terrorism and security issues.It is learned that both leaders have exchanged the list of suspects or criminals they want extradited from each other’s country.Anyway, if it is implemented properly, Vijay Mallya, Christian Michel, and Lalit Modi will be extradited to our country very soon.Meanwhile, it is said that the UK PM did not agree to liberalize the educational visa policy. Instead, she offered liberal business visas to the Indian businessman. Experts say that it seems the UK government is trying to strengthen bilateral trade at this moment. Experts added that the UK authorities are likely to be least interested in moulding or intaking the Indian workforce.

However, the Indian government has already initiated the free trade agreement. It is expected to complement the economic growth of both nations equally.Among all these achievements, the Indo-UK defence cooperation is the most crucial development. A defence consultative group comprising of both Indian and British members will meet on 15th November. In that meeting, the top defence officials will discuss military cooperation, research and technology linkage, and defence training.Giving more hope to the growing India, the first Indo-UK energy summit is set to happen next year.It is said that the UK authorities cannot completely promote the Indo-UK relation until it entirely separated from the EU.





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