November 30, 2023
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India needs to develop multi-polar foreign relations, says foreign secretary

The Indian foreign secretary, S Jaishankar, asserted the Indian government should develop multi-polar relations with the world powers in a bid to strengthen the foreign relations.He was speaking at a seminar organised to discuss the Indian foreign relations. The prestigious program was convened by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses.He opined that the Indian government must articulate a new strategy in the wake of new developments.It was learned that the Republicans are trying to develop a new foreign strategy ditching the Democrats’ foreign policies.

Earlier, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, congratulated the US president-elect, Donald Trump, immediately after the US election.It was analysed that the Indian foreign authorities are eyeing to develop strong bilateral relations with Russia, China, Europe, and Japan.Anyway, it is not yet clear how would the US government maintain the US-Sino relation.During the election campaign, the US president-elect claimed it would take away the diplomatic umbrellas placed over the Asian capitalist economies, like Singapore. Jaishankar indicated that our government is extremely interested to engage with the Asian economies. He added that the regional cooperation like SAARC and BRICS would help to boost this regional relation.It seems that our world is embracing a new order. Each growing economies should keenly develop a new strategy to survive in this new era.The US elections and Brexit were the deciding factors. After these developments, the world partially ditched the old, globalised, order.






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