December 10, 2023
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In Letter To PM, 13,000 Schools Accuse Karnataka Government Of Corruption

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, two organisations representing at least 13,000 schools in Karnataka charged the Basavaraj Bommai-led BJP government with corruption.

The Registered Unaided Private Schools Management Association and The Associated Managements Of Primary And Secondary Schools have urged PM Modi to examine into allegations of bribery being demanded by the state education department in order to grant recognition certificates to educational institutions. “Unscientific, irrational, discriminatory and noncompliance norms are applied to only unaided private schools and huge corruption is in place,” the letter read.

The groups demanded the resignation of BC Nagesh, the state’s minister of education, claiming that several complaints and requests had gone unanswered.

“The education ministry is desperate to listen, comprehend, and address the pitiful state of the entire system. Instead of those schools that are commercialising education by allowing more and more investors to set up shop, directly costing parents more money per child, two different BJP ministers literally caused lots of damage to budget schools “the letter stated.

In the complaint, it was said that “the education minister has no care to liberalise the inflexible norms and establish rules and regulations that both public and private schools can practically and physically apply without burdening parents and kids.”

The school organisations have urged PM Modi to investigate the claims and the activities of the Karnataka education ministry in response to the allegations.

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