June 23, 2024
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I return script if it’s not written in Devanagari script – Big B

ABEEB Big at the launch of the 10th season of Kaun Banega
Crorepati show, he talks about his fondness to follow the Hindi Language. The star himself return scripts in Roam Hindi and ask the writer to get it written on Devanagari script.
As always he preferred to speak proper Hindi to the participants of the reality show mainly because its a reality show based on the Hindi language. Bachan hopes the new generation of Bollywood actors uses the language quite often instead of being more Westernised.

The 2000 year started KBC show’s forthcoming season is an adaption of the famous international format Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? kab Tak Rokoge being its campaign theme. It’s emphasised on a message around the undying spirit of the common man. 


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