May 27, 2024
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Hurricane Dorian jolts Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has jolted the Caribbean country of Bahamas. It is the most powerful hurricane that this country has ever witnessed. The hurricane has brought huge damages to the environment of the country. The normal life of the people has also been affected due to the natural disaster.

Unfortunately, the hurricane is moving in a very slow pace at present. It may hit the shores of the US in the coming hours.

Alert has been sounded in certain regions in the US, such as Florida, North California, Georgia and South California. Actually, these regions are very close to the affected Caribbean country.

All vulnerable regions have already taken adequate precautions to confront the disastrous hurricane.

As per an expert opinion, the Hurricane Dorian is the second largest Atlantic hurricane.

In many ways, the present hurricane is very different from the other that has hit this part of the world.

More details are awaited.

Are you in the affected area? If it is safe to do so, share your experience with us.

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