August 3, 2021
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Helpline Number Cannot Steal Data, Aadhaar Data Remains Safe

So here is the super satisfying answer we raised concern over the outdated Aadhaar helpline number being pre-stored without user permission on Android mobile phone, the UIDAI stated on Sunday that “vest interests attempted to misuse google’s inadvertent act for fear-mongering against Aadhaar.”
It is clarified that the helpline number cannot steal any data from user’s mobile phone, the UIDAI also further suggested phone users not to panic and request to replace the outdated helpline number into 1947, if preferred.

Google apologised for the technical reason with the setup wizard and said the numbers can be deleted manually from phones.

The UIDAI guarantees that the Aadhaar data to be totally secure. The rumours about Aadhar database is completely false and are rejected with all condemnation that it deserves. Hence it is advanced to stay away from such news and stop circulating such baseless rumours on social media platforms.



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