June 21, 2024
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“Gujaratis Will Make You Pay” For “Abusing” PM’s Mother: BJP Tells AAP

After the Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat president Gopal Italia was allegedly caught on camera making fun of the prime minister’s mother and threatening to sue the state for “abusing” her, the BJP escalated its criticism of the party on Friday.

On Thursday, an old video of Mr. Italia surfaced in which he is allegedly heard making fun of PM Modi’s mother Hiraba Modi, who is 100 years old. Mr. Italia is also heard allegedly using a pejorative term for Prime Minister Modi, which has prompted stern rebukes from BJP leaders.

“If you think abusing the prime minister’s mother will help you gain political popularity in Gujarat, you are mistaken. And for that mistake, Gujarat and Gujaratis will make you pay the political price in the forthcoming elections,” Union minister Smriti Irani told reporters on Friday, attacking AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal.

She asserted that Mr. Italia’s remarks were made on Arvind Kejriwal’s orders, noting that the Gujarat-based AAP leader has made several remarks that have “insulted” the Hindu community and women who visit temples.

If AAP leaders want to humiliate a 100-year-old grandmother who has nothing to do with politics, Ms. Irani said it is “totally inexcusable.”

The BJP leader claimed that the only crime committed by the woman was giving birth to Narendra Modi, who is undermining Kejriwal’s political plans.

Irani claimed that Mr. Italia’s assertion that the BJP is pursuing him because he is a member of the Patidar community demonstrated the AAP’s willingness to utilise gender and community cards for political gain.

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