March 4, 2024

‘Green beans’ helps to improve child health: Health Expert


A renowned health expert has said that ‘green beans’ has many useful vitamins, micronutrients and minerals which help to improve child health.

‘Green beans’ is one of the common dishes found in the school children’s lunch box. Normally, the school children show no interest in this vegetable.

In this article, the writer aims to help you understand why you should ask your children to eat this healthy natural food item.

This natural material contains twice the amount of iron as compared to spinach. We all know that iron is necessary for the health of our red blood cells, which carries oxygen from our lungs to cells.

‘Green beans’ is a rich source of silicon which is very necessary to develop healthy nail, hair and skin.

It effectively acts against the damages caused by the free radicals and is a powerful detox agent, which helps the human body to naturally remove toxins.

Try to cook ‘beans’ in a way your kid like and slowly educate them the qualities of this gifted vegetable.


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