February 24, 2024
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Google’s India Policy Head Archana Gulati Resigns

Five months into her position, Google’s head of public policy for India quit, according to two sources who spoke to Reuters. The decision comes as the American internet giant waits to learn the outcome of at least two antitrust proceedings in the nation, which might be crucial.
There was some confusion on Archana Gulati’s resignation’s motivating factors.

Former employee of the federal think tank run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ms. Gulati, declined to comment. A Google representative from Alphabet Inc. also declined to comment. Google is dealing with several antitrust cases in India as well as tougher rules for the internet industry.

The competition watchdog in India is investigating Google’s business practises in the market for smart TVs, as well as its Android operating system and in-app payment system.

According to those acquainted with the procedure, the watchdog is almost ready to make its judgement in at least two antitrust investigations against Google.

Ms. Gulati oversaw a group of public policy professionals at Google who examined the potential effects of various regulations on the company in India, one of its main growth countries.

She served as a joint secretary for digital communications at Modi’s federal think tank, Niti Aayog, which is essential to the creation of government policy in all areas, from March 2021 till she left the government of India.

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