February 25, 2024
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GM brinjal illegally cultivated in Haryana: Anti-GM activists

A group of anti-GM activists allege that the Genetically Modified variety of brinjal is being illegally cultivated in the Indian state of Haryana.

A few years ago, the central government indefinitely paralyzed the effort to bring the Genetically Modified variety of food crops and vegetables to the Indian agriculture sector.

The GM products possess greater resistance to several pests and diseases than the normal products.

Those opt these products can considerably reduce their pesticide usage in their farm lands for cultivation.

The attempt to bring in the GM variety of food crops and vegetables was originally blocked due to the developers’ inability to assure beyond doubt that these products do not pose any long term threat to the human and plant existence.

The anti-GM activates, who have brought out the information about the illegal cultivation of the GM brinjal in Haryana, has demanded immediate intervention of the government to destroy the cultivation and to bring before justice those supplied the illegal seeds to the farmers in the agrarian state.

The GM brinjal is the first GM food product which has been developed in India. It is the product of a seed company based in Maharashtra.

The company has not made any official statement about the issue. The company has the obligation to explain how the seeds developed in the company have reached the hands of farmers.

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