September 18, 2021

Fruits with high water content help to avoid ‘Kidney Stone’


The kidney stone is a common disease mostly seen among those aged over thirty. There are mainly four kinds of kidney stones: the calcium oxalate kidney stone, uric acid kidney stone, struvite kidney stone and the cysteine kidney stone. Though the first two types are common among the people, the last two are very rarely seen.

The prime reason for the formation of stone in the kidney is the lack of proper amount of water inside the body.

The adequate intake of pure water helps to keep the disease in the bay. Those who suffer from this disease must make sure that they drink at least twelve glasses of water every day.

Apart from the drinking water, there are some other things which help to keep this disease away.

The researchers claim that the proper intake of fruits such as grapes, watermelon, orange, plums, and cherries helps to fill the body with adequate amount of water and, thus, helps to fight against the kidney stone effectively.


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