June 6, 2023
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Former Jharkhand Congress chef embraces AAP

In a major political development, former Jharkhand Congress President Ajoy Kumar has embraced the Aam Aadmi Party.

The information about the development has been acknowledged by senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia.

It is learned that he was impressed by the performance of the Delhi government function under the leadership of the AAP leaders, especially its achievements in the sectors of electricity and water.

As per a media report, the former Indian police Service officer is very close to certain AAP leaders like Mr Sisodia.

It is assumed that it is his closeness with the AAP leaders that has prompted him to join hands with the party which is nowhere in the electoral picture of the state where the BJP is the governing party and the Jharkhand Mukthi Morch is the main opposition.

At this moment it remains unclear whether he will contest in the upcoming Assembly Election in the state or not.

In the previous Assembly Election, the BJP emerged as the single largest party with an astounding strength of 37 seats. Shortly after the election, the JVM(P) with the strength of six MLAs merged with the BJP, enabling the party to cross the majority line singlehandedly. Though the Congress won nearly ten per cent of the total votes polled against the 31 per cent of the governing party and secured more than seven seats in the assembly, the main opposition was the JMM with a vote share of 20.4 per cent and with a seat count of nineteen.

This time, the Congress is weaker than how it was in the previous Assembly Election. Probably, that also has encouraged the former Chief to quit the party. In that case also, a big question remains: why he has chosen the AAP.

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