October 25, 2021

Folic acid deficiency leads to birth defects: Research Report


In a research document, it is stated that the deficiency of the folic acid or Vitamin B9 leads to serious birth defects such as the defect condition of the underdevelopment of brains and spinal code. So, the doctors often advise the pregnant women to consume Vitamin B9 supplements.

The tablets which contain the perfect combination of the Vitamin B9 and Iron help to produce healthy blood cells in the human body. The regular consumption of the tablets helps to ensure the healthy development of the foetus.

But, there is no necessity that one should always rely on the tablets to get some additional folic acid. For those who don’t want to consume the tablets, there are several natural alternatives from which the vitamin can be easily acquired.

Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, banana, melons, lemon, meat and orange are the rich source of the Vitamin B9.

Those women who are planning to get pregnant are advised to switch to a folic acid rich diet.

No health supplement tablet should be consumed without the advice of a doctor, especially when one is pregnant.


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