September 23, 2021

EC to push for VVPAT machines amidst protests

In the midst of severe protests over the vulnerability of the Electronic Voting Machines which have replaced the ballot paper election method, the Election Commission of India, the autonomous constitutional authority of our country which is solely responsible to conduct the elections, has sought funds to procure the Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail machines as it aims to utilise this machines in the upcoming 2019 general elections in order to dismiss all concerns raised by the oppositions parties over the credibility of the machines used in the election process over which the democracy is pivoted. Earlier, immediately after the election held in five crucial states, the opposition parties particularly AAP and BSP had raised serious allegations against the vulnerability of EVMs. Anyway, the Election Commission asserted that there were no ways through which an EVM could be tampered as it was not attached to any external source and their software was not alterable. The technology experts unanimously agree to a fact that the EVMs cannot be infiltrated with any malicious elements. Moreover, the EC authorities several times explained the foolproof method through which the machines are distributed among the poll stations. It seems that the new attempt to upgrade the EVMs with the VVPAT machines will make the electoral process more free and fair. It is learned that a huge fund of over three thousand crores is urgently needed as we need sixteen lakh VVPAT machines to cover all polling stations of our country. The VVPAT machines can print a paper slip for the voters to verify that the votes they made are properly marked on the candidate they wish to give their support. It is to be reminded that it is not acceptable to make baseless allegations against a system, which has no defects, only to gain petty political gain.


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