September 25, 2023
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EC dismisses allegations of mishandling of EVMs

The Election Commission of India has dismissed the allegations of the mishandling of Electronic Voting Machines in Uttar Pradesh as frivolous.

The EC said that the Electronic Voting Machines were protected under proper security and protocol.

The EC was responding to the rumours emerged in several rural regions in UP like Ghazipur, Jhansi, Domariaganj and Chandauli that the Election Commission of India mishandled the Electronic Voting Machines.

At this moment, it remains unclear what is the prime source of the rumours against the Election Commission.

Some suspect that it is a purposeful attempt to dim the brightness of the victory of the winning faction in the state.

However, by elaborating in details all procedures initiated to ensure the safety of the EVMs in UP, the EC has cleared the cloud of suspicion surrounding the issue of the safety of the EVMs.

An investigation should be launched in the issue. Was it a work of any political organisation or faction is the main question concerning the issue.

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