July 8, 2020
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Ayurveda blessed with a treasure of natural herbs, roots, leaves, bark of trees and plants

Some traditional knowledge based formulations that can be made at home

  1. Adhatoda Vacikanees( Adalodakam Vasha)

Boil Adalodakam leaves, squeeze the juice and add equal quantity of honey. It is excellent       for Bronchities. Even bleeding bronchial cough can be completely cured with this. There is an     even more effective Kshayam using Adalodakam leaves.  Thulsi leaves

(Ocinumsanetmlabiate), and honey in equal part.

  1. Ponnaveeram (Cassia Occidentalis Linn) Ponnaveram essence mixed with its roots will also cure Bronchitis.
  2. Vallippala ( TylophoraIndica) in 50 ml water blend , 5 leaves early in the morning for 41 days to fast relief of Bronchitis, Asthma etc.
  3. Take 50 gm of tamarind stalk and make Kashayam in 1 litre water and reduced to 100 ml. by boiling. Take Cheruthippali Choornam in equal parts. This will eliminate bronchitis rapidly.
  4. Cheruthippali (Pipper Longom) Grind Tippali and boil in milk and 2 parts of water. When it has reduced, remove from flame and cool down. Take with equal part of sugar candy for relief of bronchitis. Ground Thippali with honey is also excellent.
  5. Dried Ginger, Pepper and Thippali, take equal parts, grind and make a kashayam and mix with equal part of honey with it to cure Bronchitis.
  6. Gulamthadh scraped in chukkiliritti is very effective for Bronchitis.
  7. Jtheelavargadhi Choornnam. Excellent for Bronchitis.


These simple formulations can easily be managed by anyone. Use any of these in early stages of bronchitis and get total relief without side effects………


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