April 13, 2024
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DMK’s financial support to its allies stirs up fresh political controversy in TN

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s official declaration that the party donated a large sum of forty crore Indian rupees to its allies including the leftist parties like the CPI (M) and the CPI during the recently-concluded General Election, has stirred up a fresh political controversy in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, with the rivals of the alliance alleging that the leftist parties concealed the information about the financial backing they received from the powerful regional party to overcome the issue of the lack of financial strength they faced during that time.

The information has come to light when the DMK has failed its expenditure before the Election Commission of India.

As per a media report, the DMK has acknowledged the information. The party has described the action as normal, according to the report.

Anyway, the leftist parties have denounced the allegation that they concealed the information about the DMK’s financial assistance.

Actually, that move is not unusual. What makes it unusual is the alleged attempt to conceal the information.

During the recently concluded election, the DMK and its allies demonstrated stunning performance in the state. It wristed almost all seats they contested, leaving their opposition with not more than one or two. Notably, the allies of the DMK which received the financial assistance from the regional party emerged victorious in all the seats they contested.

As per another media report, the party donated at least fifteen crore Indian rupees each to the CPI and the Kongunadu Makkal Desiya Katchi, and around ten crore Indian rupees to the CPM.

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