September 25, 2022

‘Barroz’: 13-year-old child prodigy Lydian to do the music direction

‘Barroz’ Mohanlal’s directorial debut with Malayalam film surprised fans as he introduced his film’s music director. Since the film is for kids, Mohanlal wanted to give it his best and has collaborated with piano prodigy, Lydian Nadhaswaram for the project. The 13-year-old Chennai native, who has even awed A R Rahman with his skills, has been roped in as the music director for ‘Barroz’ His excellence in piano and other musical instruments like tabla, mridangam etc have won him a lot of praise. AR Rahman has referred to the child prodigy as one of India’s treasures Directed by Mohanlal ‘Barroz’ is a 3D film packed with elements of fantasy.

The movie for children, is a story adapted from veteran Jijo Punnoose’s story ‘Barroz – Guardian of D’Gama’s Treasure’. Mohanlal will be essaying the title role of Barroz, who guards the treasure of Vasco Da Gama and waits for his arrival. Mohanlal had earlier announced that Spanish actors Rafael Amargo and Paz Vega will be playing pivotal characters in the film.

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