March 1, 2024
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Delhi Man Strangled Partner With Data Cable, Kept Body In Fridge: Sources

According to police sources, the Delhi woman whose body was discovered in a refrigerator at a roadside diner on Tuesday was strangled by her live-in lover with a data wire.

In a case like the murder of Shraddha Walkar, Sahil Gehlot, 24, has been detained on suspicion of killing his girlfriend and attempting to cover it. After an argument, he allegedly killed Nikki Yadav, 23, and chose to put her body in the refrigerator of the dhaba that his family owns.

According to sources, the vehicle in which Nikki Yadav is thought to have died has been seized. He has been placed in five days of police detention.

The day of the murder, Sahil, a 24-year-old pharmacy graduate, allegedly wed another woman. Nikki learned about Sahil’s engagement to another woman extremely late and confronted him.

The cops found Sahil after Nikki Yadav vanished. Nikki’s neighbour had reported her missing, and her family in Jhajjar, Haryana, was unaware of her whereabouts.

The police claimed that Nikki and Sahil lived together for years after meeting while studying for medical admission tests.Sahil has been targeted for the death penalty by her father, Sunil Yadav.

The event is uncannily similar to the murder of Shraddha Walkar in Delhi last year. Aaftab Poonawalla, Shraddha’s live-in partner, is accused of killing her then dismembering and disposing of her body parts in a wilderness after storing them in a 300-liter refrigerator, according to authorities.

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