February 25, 2024
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Daler Mehndi Gets 2-Year Jail In 2003 Human Trafficking Case In Patiala

A district court in Patiala today rejected singer Daler Mehndi’s appeal against a two-year prison sentence in a 2003 case of human trafficking—for bringing people abroad by portraying them as troupe members—and he was jailed instead. He was originally sentenced in 2018 and has been out on bail.

Nearly two decades ago, Daler Mehndi and his brother Shamsher Singh were charged with soliciting “passage money” to transport individuals abroad, primarily to the US and Canada, using the “troupe” route. Others claimed they took money but broke their pledge, despite the fact that they did really take some persons.

One of these men by the name of Bakshish Singh filed the case in September 2003 at Patiala. He claimed that in 1998 and 1999, the brothers brought two groups to the US, one of which contained ten illegal immigrants. “They stole 13 lakh rupees from me. They neither sent me abroad nor gave me my money back.”

A month following the FIR, the brothers were found and were released on bail in a matter of days. Both were accused of violating the Indian Passport Act as well as the parts of the Indian Penal Code that deal with conspiracy and people trafficking. According to sources, 35 additional complaints were filed after that FIR. While the trial was ongoing in 2017, Shamsher Mehndi passed away.

A judicial magistrate’s court gave Daler Mehndi a two-year prison sentence in 2018, however he was later released on bail. He then submitted an appeal.

Judge HS Grewal of the Additional District and Sessions Court denied that appeal today. His request for probationary release, which would have allowed him to avoid jail time in exchange for a promise of good behaviour, was also denied. He now has the choice to file a lawsuit against the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

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