February 23, 2024
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Curfew for Men in Colombian City


Men in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga are being told to stay home and mind the children while their wives and partners go out reveling as part of an initiative to tackle the high levels of domestic violence in the city.

The women-only night, set for Thursday, is expected to be a hit with the city’s women and bring a carnival atmosphere.

Bars, restaurants and shopping malls will offer special events for women, and local authorities are organizing women-only concerts, parties and dance classes in the city’s parks and squares. The Catholic Church is hosting events too. For men staying at home, restaurants are offering discounts on home deliveries.

Organizers of the women-only night, which is spearheaded by the chamber of commerce, governor and mayors of the province of Santander, of which Bucaramanga is the capital, hope it will stir debate about gender roles in a city known for its macho culture.


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