September 28, 2023
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Conrad Sangma To Be Sworn In As Meghalaya Chief Minister On March 7

Officials have confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely attend the ceremony on Tuesday where Conrad Sangma will be sworn in for a second term as Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

After a pre-election split, Mr. Sangma has patched things up with the BJP. He asserted that he had a “absolute majority with 32 MLAs” in the 60-member legislature but declined to identify the parties who are backing him.

On Friday, the leader of the National People’s Party (NPP) handed the governor his letter of resignation and declared his intention to create the state’s new government.

After winning 26 of the 59 seats up for election in the 59 constituencies in Meghalaya on February 27, the NPP became the single-largest party in that state on Thursday.

The second-largest party was the United Democratic Party (UDP), which the NPP had partnered with in the previous administration and which won 11 constituencies. In the 2018 elections, it has only garnered six seats.

The BJP gained two assembly districts, while the Congress and the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress each got five seats.

29 freshly elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), including Mr. Sangma, were reportedly present at Raj Bhawan, according to the news agency ANI. Of of the 29 MLAs, 26 belong to the NPP, two to the BJP, and one is an independent.

Conrad Sangma called Union Home Minister Amit Shah to ask for cooperation to form a government in the state, and his request was quickly granted, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Sarma tweeted earlier on Thursday. According to Mr. Sarma, JP Nadda, the head of the BJP at the federal level, recommended the party’s state affiliate to back the National People’s Party in creating the next government in Meghalaya.

Only five seats were gained by the Congress, which referred to the renewed alliance as a “paradox” and noted that the BJP’s national leadership had referred to Mr. Sangma’s administration as one of the “most corrupt” in the nation.

Ronny V. Lyngdoh, a Congress Legislator who was elected from the Mylliem assembly constituency, declared that despite losing, the opposition will still cooperate with “like-minded” parties.

On February 16, Mr. Shah said the BJP had broken its alliance with the NPP before the elections in Meghalaya so that it could run for all of the assembly seats and come out stronger. He was speaking to an electoral rally in the North Tura constituency.

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