August 15, 2022
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Congress leader Tharoor gets regular bail


The senior congress leader, Shashi Tharoor, who was summoned by an Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate after he was named in a charge feet filed in connection with the mysterious death of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar, has been granted bail by the magistrate.

A Sessions Court recently granted bail to the accused. When the leader has presented himself before the court along with his lawyers, the court has said that there was no need to present a fresh regular bail application as he was already granted bail and that order document reached the court in time.

The future proceedings in the case is scheduled to take place on July 26. The Congress leader, who is likely to considered for serious posts if the party comes to power after the next general election, is fighting serious charges including the abetment of suicide. The leader has denounced all changes as politically motivated.

It is to be noted that initially the investigators announced that Mr Tharoor had no role in the case after their preliminary investigation. The leader, while defending his position, earlier questioned how and why the opinion of the investigation officers suddenly overturned.

Anyway, if proved guilty, he will have to face serious punishments.         


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