April 20, 2024
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Congress gets fresh boost in Rajasthan ahead of local polls

Ahead of the upcoming local elections, the Grand Old Party in the Indian state of Rajasthan has received a major boost, as at least six MLAs from the Bahujan Samaj Party have switched their loyalty to the party which rules the state.

The latest development has raised the tally of the Congress in the state from around 112 to more than 118.

In the state, the Bharatya Janata Party is the main opposition party. It has not less than 72 members in the 200-memeber assembly.

Earlier, there was a speculation that the BJP would come back to power in the state using the method the Saffron Party used in certain states like Karnataka.

Originally, the Congress had only 100 members in the assembly. It was when around 12 independent MLAs joined the party that its tally in the assembly increased to nearly 112.

The latest gain does not mean that the Congress is in a comfortable state in the North Indian state of Rajasthan. Like many other Congress state units, the Congress state unit of Rajasthan is also under the clutches of ‘groupism’. The top two leaders in the party in the state are tirelessly fighting each other for dominance in the party, as well as in the government.

The Grand Old Party needs a serious structural reform. What is suggested in a recent Congress Working Committee is a good start. It is good to bring an accountable administrative structure in the party.

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