June 7, 2023
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Commentary: Call for a national policy on climate change

What the country has witnessed lately is one of the serious natural disasters the country has even seen in its recent history. Rain has inflicted injuries in many regions across the country. It has taken the lives, livelihoods and shelters of many. The country needs millions to recover from the injuries. In the past, rain was a boon. It can be assumed without doubt that it has turned to a bane for many in the recent past. What has gone wrong? Where have we failed?

The search will take you to the Paris Climate treaty. It is the most relevant treaty India has signed in the recent history. It suggests several measures to tackle the issue of climate change. Was what happened in the resent past the after-effect of climate change? That means that the reason is clear. There is no need to blame anyone else. Do we have a feasible national policy on climate change? Why can’t we have a separate department to address the issue of climate change? The answer is ignorance.

Even now, many of us are unaware about the danger of climate change. It is important to remember the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.

It is high time to form a national policy on climate change. The nation can no longer ignore this reality. It is the matter of the existence of not only this nation but also this entire world.

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