June 28, 2022
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CEC announces dates of Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly elections

The Central Election Commission has announced the dates of Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly elections. The elections in the Indian state of Haryana and the state of Maharashtra are scheduled to take place on October 21. The counting sessions in these two states are expected to be conducted on October 24.

In Haryana, as well as in Maharashtra, the BJP is the most powerful party. It is the ruling party in these two states. In the 288-member Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, the BJP has as many as 135 members. Meanwhile, in the 90-member Haryana Assembly, the Saffron Party holds nearly 47 seats. In both these assemblies, the Congress is nowhere near the figures. In Haryana, the Congress is as low as seventeen. And, it is as mere as 34 in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

In the recent General Election, the centre-right party demonstrated an astounding performance in both these states, winning almost all of the Lok Sabha seats in these states.

Noting much has changed in these states since the recent Lok Sabha election, in which the people of the state stood firmly behind the ruling party of the country.

Considering all these facts and the lack of a strong central leadership in the party which attempts to project itself as the main opposition in these states, the BJP is likely to get a easy victory in these states.

To turn it otherwise, the Grand Old Party will have to work a lot – a lot.

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