April 3, 2020
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COVID-19 Lockdown: Psychologist says Isolation can play devastation with mind

In the 21st century the average human living is just not wired for a life in isolation. Be it an urban or a rural setting, everyone is busy with their hectic schedules. Keeping to oneself and social distancing, therefore, have become difficult propositions. The condition steeply worsens for those restricted to home quarantine and isolation […]Continue Reading
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‘Corona’ a shops name has now became the talk of the town in Kerala

Muvattupuzha town is grabbing eyeballs towards a textile shop with its unusual name almost like the continued outbreak of novel coronavirus. Located about 40 kms from the commercial capital of the state, ‘Corona’ is a textile shop owned by Pareed, and for several years he has been popularly referred to as ‘Corona Pareed’. “Now, i’m a wanted person here. While Continue Reading
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Coronavirus: 64-year-old Mumbai man dies at Kasturba Hospital; Third death in India

On Tuesday India recorded the third death due to COVID-19, a 64-year-old man from Mumbai, who died with symptoms of the novel coronavirus at Kasturba Hospital. On Tuesday the WHO in its report said that nearly 14,000 people were infected with the novel coronavirus globally over the past day, bringing the entire number of confirmed cases […]Continue Reading
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COVID-19: Global death toll exceeds 7000 as total cases stand above 175500

The number of novel coronavirus cases globally stood at 175,530 with 7,007 deaths, across 145 countries and territories at 10:30 pm (IST) on Monday, as per the tally compiled by AFP from official sources. Since 10:30 pm on Sunday there are 587 new deaths reported and 11,597 new cases globally. As per the data collected by AFP offices from […]Continue Reading
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Coronavirus: Health officials wished people who took part in Kuttanellur Pooram to remain cautious

Health officials in the district wished the people who took part in Kuttanellur Pooram which was held on March 8, to be cautious as the British man who was confirmed with corona infection had taken part in the festival. The 19 member foreign team had visited Kuttanellur temple and even danced for percussion instruments along with […]Continue Reading